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Why Colmar?

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Comprehensive shipping agency services

For all type of vessels: Container ships, RORO, Multipurpose vessels, Tankers, LNG/LPG, Chemical Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Offshore Platforms, Cruise Ships and Yachts.

Handling and transporting perishable goods

In refrigerated container ships, with temperature control.

Land and maritime transport and management of hazardous goods

Lashing and storage service

for bulk and container freight

Land Transport

At origin and at destination

Managing rail transport

With direct connections to the ports of Valencia, Barcelona and Algeciras.

Customs Formalities

and customs office procedures

Waiver management

for West Africa countries that so require it


and project planning services

Our figures

tonnes transported to Africa

Countries connected to WAF

TEUS transhipped in Spain with
destination WAF

customer satisfaction

COLOMAR Quality Policy Overview

  • Understanding quality as involving everyone and establishing teamwork as an essential way to achieve and improve it.
  • The quality of our services shall meet and exceed our customer’s specifications and needs. We strive to fulfil all their requirements, along with the legal and regulatory provisions applicable to our service.
  • We ensure our staff are properly trained to carry out their work with the required quality. We likewise make sure that our employees feel committed to the quality of the services we provide.
  • We sensure that all internal processes embrace continuous improvement and particularly those that impact customers, thanks to a tailored approach, taking on board their suggestions and complaints as a fundamental source of our feedback circuit.
  • Work well done right from the start in all phases of the service process and in all areas of the company as a means to ensure the trust and respect of our customers, by seeking to establish “Zero Defects” as the fundamental goal in all activities.

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